• Production with top quality standards


    Production with
    top quality standards

Over eight decades of material expertise     

Kiel Flanschen offers the mechanical processing of components in the form of individual made-to-order production or contract processing. When carrying out our production processes, we strive to meet the highest quality standards.    

We not only offer production with material included but also contract processing

Our company has used its decades of experience in the mechanical processing of flanges as a basis to develop into what is now an interdisciplinary machining centre offering a comprehensive range of production processes using conventional and CNC turning and drilling.
Substance and material expertise
Kiel Flanschen boasts a particularly high level of expertise in the procurement of raw materials thanks to our many years of top-class experience in material procurement. Our customers can make the most of the fact that we already choose the ideal raw material to suit their needs and requirements when processing their enquiry. By doing so, we can guarantee that we always use the best-value primary material in line with our customers' technical demands and standards when calculating our prices. Be it for cold or hot-bent rings, forged parts, seamless rolled rings or flame-cut steel plates, we can always find the right raw material to meet your needs!             

Quality standards at Kiel Flanschen   

  • Certified in accordance with AD 2000 HPO TRD 201/DGRL 2014/68/EC
  • Self-monitoring in accordance with the guidelines of the AD and HP data sheets and the requirements of the ISO 9002 standard
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Penetrant testing of surface cracks
  • Magnetic leakage flux testing
  • X-ray examinationo    Final stamping in accordance with the appropriate regulations

Mechanical processing

With a diameter of up to 6000mm, a construction height of up to 3000mm and a maximum overall weight of 60 tons, the mechanical processing of rings, forged parts and cast parts takes on new dimensions at Kiel Zerspanung!

The fact that we use CNC vertical lathes with driven tools, CNC drilling machines and CNC portal/bed milling machines has also enabled us to establish ourselves as a provider of mechanical contract processing for a number of leading companies.

Turning on a 'large scale'
When providing turning services, our processing options enable us to work on parts ranging from 400 to 6000mm in size. When producing these parts, we always observe all applicable requirements and specifications. For an overview of our turning services, take a look at our range of products.

Our classic products: standard and special flanges
We process your flanges and rings in accordance with your needs and requirements. When doing so, we use state-of-the-art processing machines and guarantee you the shortest and most reliable delivery times possible.
CNC - turning Ø 500 - Ø 6.000mm
up to a construction height of 3.000mm
and overall weight of 60t

  • Customised flanges
  • Bearing flanges
  • Flanges for bayonet joints
  • Welding lip seals
  • Flanges for the wind energy industry 

CNC - drilling and milling up to Ø 6.000mm
  • Heat exchanger plates
  • Perforated plates / filter plates
  • Nozzle floors

Mechanical contract processing 
  • Tank and apparatus construction
  • Petrochemistry
  • Power plant construction
  • Shut-off valves

Procurement and processing of raw materials
Alongside the bent and welded rings produced using our own production activities, Kiel Flanschen now obtains more than 60% of its blanks from forges and firing plants. We therefore have access to an unlimited selection of materials, sizes and thicknesses when choosing our primary materials. Our mechanical processing activities cover all areas up to an outer diameter of up to 6000mm and a unit weight of 60t.

Hot-bending process 
We use our ring-bending machines to produce rings with an outer diameter of up to 3500mm and a maximum cross-sectional area of 21,000mm2. After being bent, the rings are welded using a flash-butt welding process that is constantly monitored by the TÜV NORD (German Technical Inspection Association). Our range of products also includes profile rings and U, T and double-T profiles. In the hot-bending process, rings are flash-butt welded at a constant heat with a power of up to 750 kVA and a subsequent upset pressure of up to 80 tons.
Cold-bending process
We use our three-cylinder bending machine to produce rings with a section modulus of 250mm² and a virtually unlimited range of possible diameters. Our range of products also includes profile rings and U, T and double-T profiles. After being bent, the flanges are strip-flash welded with a power of 700 kVA and an upset pressure of up to 80 tons.

We also process the following blanks:
  • Seamless rolled rings
  • Forged rings and round blanks
  • Rings and round blanks flame-cut from sheet metal or cut using plasma or water jet cutting

For an overview of our turning services, take a look at our range of products.