Your specialist for all kinds of machining   

The well-established flange supplier from the Siegerland region
After being founded back in 1934, Kiel Flanschen initially focused on developing to become a specialist manufacturer and flange supplier. As a provider of a comprehensive range of high-quality standard, special and customised flanges, our company went on to establish itself as a reliable supplier in many different industries. Nowadays, Kiel Zerspanung is still the top flange supplier in the Siegerland region of Germany, providing its customers with flanges, rings and blank flanges made at its own production facility in accordance with EN, DIN and ASME standards and guaranteeing them maximum quality and extremely short delivery times.

The success of the family-run company, which is now in its third generation, is based on the expertise of its experience staff and a production and sales policy tailored to meet the market requirements.  

Machining large components in made-to-order production or contract processing
Our company has used its experience in the mechanical processing of large flanges as a basis to develop into what is now an interdisciplinary machining centre able to produce all kinds of large-dimensioned standard and special turned parts with combined drilling and milling.

Expertise in material properties and blank procurement 
Kiel Flanschen boasts a particularly high level of expertise in the procurement of raw materials thanks to its many years of experience. Our customers can make the most of the fact that we already choose the ideal raw material to suit their needs and requirements when processing their enquiry. By doing so, we can guarantee that we always use the best-value primary material in line with our customers' technical demands and standards when calculating our prices. Be it for cold or hot-bent rings, forged parts, seamless rolled rings or flame-cut steel plates, we can always find the right raw material to meet your needs!

A well-established reliable supplier in many different industries
Kiel Flanschen's high-quality products and processing services have enabled it to establish itself as a reliable supplier in a wide variety of different industries, for example the tank construction, plant construction, power plant construction, mechanical engineering, wind energy, hydropower, pipeline construction, apparatus construction, chemicals, environmental technology, shipbuilding, food, valve construction and vehicle manufacturing industries.     
Maximum quality and precision
When carrying out our production processes, we strive to meet the highest quality standards. All stages of our production activities are subject to strict checks and each project has to undergo a precise final check using state-of-the-art measuring tools before being leaving our facility. 

Quality standards at Kiel Flanschen
  • Certified in accordance with AD 2000 HPO TRD 201/DGRL 97/23/
  • Self-monitoring in accordance with the guidelines of the AD and HP data sheets and the requirements of the ISO 9002 standard 
  • Ultrasonic testing 
  • Penetrant testing of surface cracks 
  • Magnetic leakage flux testing
  • X-ray examination 
  • Final stamping in accordance with the appropriate regulations


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Dispatch handling from A to Z from one single source    

We work together with a variety of special logistics companies to arrange the shipping of our products. This enables us to organise the transportation of special and standard loads for our customers as quickly as possible while also providing excellent value, punctuality and a resource friendly approach. 

The advantage for you:
Our logistics partners adapt their services for the transportation of our specific goods and guarantee the most cost-effective shipping solution using means of transport that are suitable for the dimensions of the product in question.         
Kiel products are available with a wide variety of delivery options:
  • "    Throughout Europe with special vehicles for loads weighing up to 90 tons and with diameters of up to 11.0m when loaded at an angle
  • Worldwide via ship or air freight
  • Including handling of export procedures and customs clearance